About Us

Kenya Autie and Oscar Autie are multi-GRAMMY Award® winners. Ever since Kenya Autie and Oscar Autie met in 2002, they have worked together at their studio and record label: El Cerrito Records. Kenya Autie is a producer and songwriter, and Oscar Autie is a recording, mixing and mastering engineer. Oscar is also a sought-after freelance live sound engineer.

Their extensive repertoire includes collaborations with globally renowned musicians. They are originally from Cuba, but their influence stretches beyond the Latin genre, encompassing a diverse array of musical styles across different countries and cultures, including traditional Cuban music, tango, flamenco, instrumental, children's, rock, Latin rock, jazz, classical, and world/global music.

Kenya and Oscar actively engage in their community as advocates for women's rights, diversity, and the well-being of music professionals. Their commitment to making a positive impact is evident through their contributions to organizations such as the West Coast Songwriters Organization, La Peña Cultural Center, The Brava for Women in the Arts, the Latina Women's Center, and The Recording Academy®.

In an industry marked by constant evolution, the distinctive attributes of Kenya Autie and Oscar Autie — highlighted by their unwavering dedication, hard work, commitment to quality, infectious enthusiasm, compassion, and consummate professionalism — shape a narrative that sets them apart in the dynamic landscape of the music industry.